Our Mission

Torah Academy promotes a student-centered community combining academic excellence with a rich Jewish tradition.  Each student is strengthened by the acquisition of knowledge and character development, and is guided toward the fulfillment of their individual potential.  Parents, teachers, and students work together in an atmosphere of respect, joy, wonder, and cooperation.  Torah Academy provides the foundation for life-long academic and personal success.


Our Vision

We have a vision that students of Torah Academy will…

...know that being Jewish is the essence of who they are

...be accomplished, educated students who are motivated, lifelong learners

...care about others even when it is difficult

...understand that it is more important to do their best than to be the best

...have the courage to stand up after they have stumbled

...see the Torah as a blueprint for their lives

...develop a relationship with G-d that is always present

...be proud of their strengths and acknowledge their weaknesses

...recognize the value of all people

...realize the importance of unity among all Jews

...feel an unconditional love for and connection to Israel and its people