Explore & Discover!

Young children are naturally inquisitive and truly enjoy learning.  They love  to explore and understand the world around them, and a superior preschool is one that channels and guides that curiosity.  A talented, properly trained early childhood teacher will allow the student to interact, hands-on, with a multitude of sensory experiences and facilitate the child's natural expression of discovery and creativity.  Open-ended questions help stimulate the thinking process, and motivate the child to make connections and applications of his or her newfound knowledge. Math, language, science and social studies concepts are presented every day as part of the natural interaction with people, objects and general environment. 

Learning should be fun and enjoyable at all ages, especially in the preschool years.  At Torah Academy, your child will gain the cognitive, social and emotional skills necessary to blossom into a lifelong learner!


We're also proud to be a part of the JUF Right Start program, which offers tuition vouchers to help defray the cost of your child's first year in a Jewish preschool!  Click the image below for more information: