Our Educational Philosophy: Building Confidence

The most important foundation for your child's educational growth is a strong sense of self.  Children who have confidence and feel secure about their abilities, environment and knowledge will learn critical thinking skills and information in the most effective manner.  A warm, supportive and non-judgmental school setting is the greenhouse that will allow our sons and daughters to flourish. 

Interactive and hands-on learning is another crucial ingredient in the educational process.  Children learn best by exploring and discovering the world around them, making hypotheses and testing them in the laboratory of life.  The knowledge gained by self-discovery is retained longer and with more clarity, and will be applied to future life experiences as they happen. Frequent field trips to nature centers, museums, orchards and other hands-on centers of learning will augment and enhance this experiential approach to cognitive development.

Torah Academy offers that fertile ground to plant the seeds for your child's success!